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Dole Banana Diet

January 05, 2010

Decades of nutrition research validate the idea that increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables in general and bananas in particular, can help support healthy, sustainable weight loss. For example:


  • Bananas contain resistant starch, which ferments in your large intestine, creating by-products (butyrates) that block conversion of some carbohydrates into fuel. A University of Colorado study found that an increase in the amount of resistant starch contained in a meal "significantly increased post-prandial lipid oxidation and therefore could decrease fat accumulation in the long run." Replacing 5.4% of ordinary carbs with resistant starch could boost fat burning by up to 30% Practically speaking that means eating two bananas in the morning could enhance fat burning all day.
  • Resistant starch also increases absorption of calcium, another important nutrient for weight loss. A low-calcium diet increases blood levels of calcitrol -- the active form of vitamin D -- which stimulates calcium influx into your fat cells, which in turn stimulates lipogenic – i.e, fat creating -- gene expression, leading to your generation of excess adipose, or fat. Bananas can help improve bioavailability of your dietary calcium: resistant starch feeds the protective bacteria that line the intestinal walls. A beneficial by-product of this process is an increase in the acidic environment of the colon, making calcium more soluble and thus easier to absorb.


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